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Temple Penny WineryTour
VIDEO: Touring the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
Spend the day in Agrigento with a guided tour of the historic Valley of the Temples and stop for a picnic lunch inside the ancient citrus groves of Kolymbetra Gardens
VIDEO: Permaculture Gardening with Penny Livingston
Fabrizia takes a tour around the gardens of Case Vecchie with California permaculture specialist, Penny Livingston, to discuss tips on composting, planting lettuces, and taking care
VIDEO: Winery Tour
Take a private tour of the Tasca d'Almerita winery at Regaleali and taste their award-winning vino
salsa mestieri MariaG
VIDEO: Preserving our Products
At Case Vecchie, we are always busy preserving fresh produce at the peak of their seasons. Take a look at how we cure olives from the estate, dry fruit from the garden, and make our special tomato sauce
VIDEO: Visiting Local Artisans
Fabrizia shares her passion for special Sicilian traditions with visits to the barrelmaker, a small-batch ricotta producer, a local grainery, dried pasta factory and a stop at the village bakery
VIDEO: A day with Maria Grammatico
Fabrizia and her team take a trip to Erice to learn a few secrets of Maria Grammatico's famous Sicilian pastries

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"I was amazed at all that is accomplished in such a relaxing manner!"


- Susie Salomon
Rowayton, Connecticut

"This wasn’t just a cooking trip but a lovely insight to central Sicily with its fantastic landscapes and traditions."


- Monica Crema
Melbourne, Australia

"I felt like a friend more than a customer...The landscape is simply beautiful, I wish I could have stayed longer."

- Bec Lake
Queensland, Australia

"...the tangles of wild fennel along the roadsides, the rolling hills, the gnarled grapevines - as we drove through the Sicilian countryside, it felt as though we were traveling back to another time bristling with color and wildness and life."

- Alice Waters
Berkeley, California

"Fabrizia’s garden is a dream for any gardener to even try to achieve – magnificent flowers, herbs and vegetables!"


- Suzie Wall
New Canaan, Connecticut

“I love fabrizia lanza, not as old as our abuela asturiana, but sharp, and if you need an older nonna she will know one.”


- Mario Batali
New York City

“Thanks for this corner of paradise you are building for all of us!”

- Ruggero Pietromarchi
Milano, Italia

"I had never cooked anything other than eggs and pancakes in the past and was scared to attempt anything else even if I had the recipe. Now that I've cooked a full meal successfully, albeit with massive amounts of guidance, I'll definitely be more adventurous in the kitchen."

- Emily Martinez-Lanza
Harvard University student

"You could not possibly feel more comfortable in Fabrizia Lanza's kitchen filled with the scents, aroma's and warmth of Sicily."


- Jana Kolpen
New York City

"We sat around Fabrizia's big square table, a table where many others have sat before us, and we eat the foods of Sicily. The fruits and vegetables of Case Vecchie, washed down with the delicious Regaleali wines. It's moments like these where I am truly inspired, and I'm reminded what food and cooking should be all about."

- Elyse Bekins
Brooklyn, New York