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Watercolour lesson

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COURSE: 90-minute lesson and you are welcome to continue until sunset if you’re in a paintery flow.
Classes are typically held in the late afternoon.
WHERE: Case Vecchie, in the garden (weather permitting) or in the kitchen with a glass of wine
COST: €50/ person/day
Minimum of 2 guests for booking

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to use watercolour to paint, elegant still-lifes, blooming flowers and sun-kissed landscapes, then look no further! We offer a fun, foundational watercolour course at Case Vecchie that covers all of the techniques you need to get started.
We’ll look at basic sketching methods, different brush strokes, the importance of using water in colour blending, layering, creating depth and finish up with a final painting that brings all of these techniques together. This class is not about mastering the art. Like our cooking classes, it’s about getting a feel for the medium and using the painting experience to connect with the spectacular surroundings that Case Vecchie offers. All materials including watercolour paper, brushes, sketch-pads and pencils are provided by the school. All you have to do is sign-up. We take care of the rest!





For guests booking the 3 or 5-day Cooking Courses at Case Vecchie, we now offer an extended 3-Day Watercolour Acquarelle Course. Sessions last 2 hours per

COST: € 150/person
Minimum of 2 guests for booking

For guests that book our 3 or 5-day Cooking Courses with Fabrizia Lanza at Case Vecchie, we now offer an extended 3-Day Watercolour Acquarelle Course. Sessions last 2 hours per day between cooking lessons at the school. With this extended course, you can spend a little more time practicing the watercolour techniques we’ve taught you. You will leave with a small collection of your work and the tools to continue painting on your own.

 Andrew Sundling
Trained as a landscape architect at UC Berkeley in California, Andrew has been an avid painter and gardener for the last ten years. He has lived and worked all over the world, regularly shows his paintings in London and is a member of the Case Vecchie gardening team.

Cassandra Funsten

After graduating with a double B.A. in Landscape Architecture and English at UC Berkeley in California, Cassandra went on to work as a graphic designer, illustrator and translator in Palermo, Italy. She is passionate about man's connection with the landscape, and the exploration of this relationship through the arts and humanities.