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Horticultural tour of the estate

Take part in an afternoon of plant exploration on our Case Vecchie horticulture tour! We’ll give you a guided tour of our beautiful kitchen gardens, which we use to grow year-round seasonal varieties of fruit and vegetables for the estate. We’ll also go beyond the garden beaten path and show you a plethora of wild edible and ornamental plants growing freely in our rich soils that have been harvested and used by local Sicilians for centuries. Upon your arrival, you will have noticed the endless rows of heritage grape vines growing blissfully in the Sicilian sun. Therefore the garden tour will also include a pleasant walk through the Regaleali vineyard. Once amidst the vines, we’ll take you back in time to when this land was first farmed by the Tasca D’Almerita family and how many of the old ways of cultivating the land are still used today. Weather permitting; we’ll finish the garden tour in the Case Vecchie courtyard, under the canopy of our Date Palm, with a refreshing glass of our homemade elderflower lemonade.