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Full-day tour: the outdoor market in Palermo and street-food lunch

We'll board the train from Vallelunga in the morning and head to Palermo to visit the bustling food market called Mercato Ballaro. The market is full of vendors selling fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, anything you can think of from fresh sardines and whole swordfish to perfectly assembled towers of artichokes. The lively market is a great place to really feel the energy of this city. The vendors shout out to the customers the products they are selling and even tempt you with little samples of cherries or even a raw shrimp to taste how fresh it is. Palermo is known for their street food: arancine, panelle, sfincione and the more "offally" extreme dishes meant for the truly adventurous eater. We'll pick up a few things to eat as we walk through the market and stop for a streetfood lunch before heading back to Case Vecchie in the early afternoon.