Announcing Amaro, a film that brings to life the narrative of Sicilian food and culture through the exploration of a single taste: bitterness.


September 20th – October 24th


Amaro {bitter}: having a sharp, pungent taste; not sweet; marked by intensity or severity.

Amaro is the story of the complexity of food culture in Sicily. The film delves into the island’s gastronomic history, highlights present-day culinary traditions, and follows the hands and hearts of a population who have embraced the most remote, least valued, and often disregarded taste: bitterness. The film talks of the foraging traditions of an agricultural state, where gathering bitter greens was a last resort, a symbol of need, often transformed into a simple delicacy. It follows the Good Friday ceremony, an event in the small town of Caltanissetta where local foragers, who represent the bitter taste lead the town’s celebratory procession. Amaro also talks of its namesake, the Italian digestivo that is truly an expression of place that vary according to the terroir and the different Sicilian landscapes.


Finally, the film takes us from the streets and fields into the homes of Sicilian locals. In the kitchen bitterness plays a leading role in food alchemy, transforming what could easily be discarded into delectable dishes and products with unique flavors and mythical traditions. From all kinds of honey to cheeses, and sauteed cardoons with anchovies, to risotto with wild asparagus, bitterness serves to elevate the other tastes we sometimes take for granted, and brings us back to the roots: of the land, of the culture, and of tradition. From field to fork, Amaro follows a flavor that has helped shape the Sicilian food identity.


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