Lunch Lesson

Join us in the kitchen to sharpen your cooking skills and enjoy a leisurely lunch in the typical Sicilian family style. Prepare a 4-course lunch with ingredients from the estate and savor a selection of wines from the Tasca d’Almerita winery.

Price per person: €175

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1 Night

A sicilian stopover

A delicious dinner followed by a good night’s sleep will prepare you for your morning cooking session and leisurely lunch.

Single Room: €495
Double Room: €875

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2 Nights

Beyond the kitchen

Let your body settle into Sicilian time and relax into the rhythms of nature. Cook, eat, enjoy and get off site to explore some of the typical food experiences of the area.

Single Room: €990
Double Room: €1,750

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3 Nights

Be part of the family

Indulge in the real rural life. Allow the reality of the Sicilian landscape sink in, and understand how tradition has retained a foothold in the food scene of this magic island.

Single Room: €1,485
Double Room: €2,625

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4 Nights

An instructive taste of place

Get to know the lay of the land with a combination of “arm-to-table” lessons, delicious dining experiences and off-site excursions to introduce you to the Sicilian food landscape.

Single Room: €1,980
Double Room: €3,500

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5 Nights

Becoming sicilian

The whole experience. The perfect combination of culinary adventure, traditional tastes and rustic relaxation. You’ll have time to explore Sicilian food culture, soak in your surroundings, and wine and dine on the best local ingredients.

Single Room: €2,475
Double Room: €4,375

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