A Greek Adventure

Take a half day trip to explore the the famous Greek archaeological site The Valley of the Temples. Enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch in the garden of Kolymbetra, an ancient citrus grove.

Polizzi Generosa

Handmade Ceramics

A half-day visit to Polizzi is worth the hour-long drive and winding roads to this hilltown in the Madonie mountains. Visit a local ceramicist or take a trip to taste the Slow Food Presidia products.

Flour, Water, Salt

Pizza Making

Visit a local pizzeria for a lesson in pizza making using ancient Sicilian flours. We’ll use a range of local, seasonal ingredients and sourdoughs to bake pizzas in an almond shell-fired oven of a local pizzeria.

Artisan Crafts

Coffee Roasting, Wine Boxes, Sculptures

Nearby towns offer a wealth of traditional artisan practices. From coffee roasting to exotic sculptures and Sicily’s biggest creator of wooden wine boxes, experience local craftmanship first hand.

Olive Oil Mill

During the fall, the opportunity to visit local olive mills is one you don’t want to miss. Understand the picking and processing of these century-old trees and learn how good olive oil is made.

Ricotta Making

Join us for a morning visit to a local shepherd and cheese-maker, where we will watch traditional ricotta-making and learn more about Pecorino aging. This excursion is typically followed by a Sicilian cheese tasting back at Case Vecchie.


Sea to Spoon

Wandering Catania’s historic fish market is without a doubt one of the most sensory experiences a visitor to Sicily can have. Take a full-day trip to explore the heart of the city and bring the sea into the kitchen.

Wine Tasting

A visit to the Tasca D’Almerita catina will demonstrate the process of a company that produces 3.5 million bottles of wine annually, yet still does most of their grape harvest by hand. Sip and savor a number of wines from grapes cultivated right under your nose.