Cook the Farm: Turkey

April 17 – 26, 2020


Cook the Farm and Anna Tasca Lanza are excited to launch the first iteration of Cook the Farm International. Cook the Farm International is an expanding network of programs that celebrate local food systems and cultures and provide immersive education courses to participants from around the world. Cook the Farm International programs are run by partner institutions that uphold the original Cook the Farm philosophies and practices. 


In 2020, Cook the Farm: Turkey will launch 10-day educational workshop at Cooks Grove in Turkey hosted locally by Chef Semsa Denizsel and Gamze Ineceli.


The itinerary is filled with daily excursions to markets and restaurants, guest lecturers and on-site visits to food producers, as well as hands-on cooking lessons and lavish meals in the teaching kitchen of Chef Semsa Denizsel. Topics include a focus on the regional cuisine of Turkey’s Northern Aegean, local olives and olive oil, fermentation techniques, foraging for edible greens, Turkish wine, nomadic cheeses, and traditional sweets.


Cook the Farm: Turkey will be a collaborative program sharing ideas and learning together in the heart of the Aegean coast of western Turkey. All of our participants will be hosted in local hotels in the nearby town of Ayvalik. The program costs (€3100) include daily meals, all activities listed in the itinerary, guest accommodations, and local transportation for daily excursions. Airfare is not included. This program will be taught in English.



  • Regional cooking lessons with Chef Semsa Denizsel
  • Meals at Cooks Grove
  • Nomadic cheese lesson with Gamze Ineceli
  • Ingredient sourcing at the town bazaar
  • Anatolian fermentation + foraging with Umit Hamlacibasi
  • Local cheesemaker visit to Idamera farm
  • Turkish wine lesson with Sabiha Apaydin
  • Uncovering the marketplace with Tangör + Güher Tan
  • Tahini + helva workshop
  • Pickling with Begüm Yaramancı
  • Extra virgin olive oil workshop
  • Restaurant dinners + time to explore


For more information and pricing please contact: or visit their website


Chef Şemsa Denizsel

Nationally-known for her long-time career as the Chef/Restaurateur of Kantin, a highly celebrated restaurant in Istanbul, Chef Semsa Denizsel opens up her new teaching kitchen at Cooks Grove. She has created a place for food lovers to learn with all of their senses while enjoying the surroundings of her peaceful olive grove oasis overlooking the Aegean Sea. 

Throughout the Cook the Farm: Turkey program, she will share her own culinary approach to fresh and seasonal ingredients while leading us through lessons around the traditions of local Turkish cuisine.


Gamze Ineceli

Gamze Ineceli is a food culture researcher, veteran restaurateur, and brand consultant based in Istanbul. She is often found curating culinary and cultural programs at international food focused events such as Stadt Land Fest, Markthalle Neun in Berlin, and YEDI in Istanbul. She is a trustee of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, while also organizing all of the meals throughout the symposium. Gamze worked closely in developing the original Cook the Farm program in Sicily which highlighted Turkey as the program’s Mediterranean comparative study. Her background in Performing Arts is often carried into her food related projects as she brings an electric enthusiasm that thrives on sharing ideas and collaboration.

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