Cook the Farm Podcast

01. Ancient Grains in Sicily
What brought a former mathematics student from Los Angeles to rural Sicily? Find out as Cook-the-farm participant Annie Rimmon explores ancient grains, fascist communes, and Slow Food with Bonnetta dell’Oglio, Sicilian chef and food activist.

Check out Bonnetta’s work with the Seed Revolution


02. Let’s Talk Taste
Sommelier, former restaurant manager, and Cook-the farm participant Gwen Koch from Boston, Massachusetts talks sensory experiences, linguistic codes, and current wine writers with Nikki Welch, creator of the Wine Tube Map and professor at the University of Edenborough.

Follow the link for Nikki’s Wine Tube Map


03. The Wonderful World of Wine
Ben Lyttelton former restaurant manager and Cook-the-farm participant from London, England drinks his way through the world of natural wine with Sicilian winemaker and force of nature, Arianna Occhipinti.


04. Food and Identity in Diaspora
When newlyweds Brent and Marieke Desmond thought of their dream honeymoon, rural Sicily was probably not what first came to mind. Join them with Rita Bariche, founder of Diaspora Cuisine, and learn about the complex nature of Mediterranean cooking and how the Syrian diaspora is reshaping national cuisine and identity.


05. Farewell
Fabrizia Lanza returned to Sicily after already living her first life in Northern Italy. Hear about what she rediscovered about her homeland and what inspired her to invite participants from all around the world to live and learn for 10-weeks in her family estate, Regaleali.

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