Fabrizia Lanza

Fabrizia brings the joys and knowledge of Sicilian food and culture into people’s lives around the world. Born in Palermo in 1961, Fabrizia grew up being part of the renowned Tasca family of vignerons which meant immersion into the food and wine world from birth. In addition to wine, the estate produces cheese, fresh pasta, poultry, lamb, extra-virgin olive oil and an enormous variety of fruit and vegetables, naturally instilling Fabrizia with the sensory satisfactions of farm to table. In 2010 Fabrizia became director of the School and continues to build on her mother’s magnificent legacy. Under Fabrizia’s direction, the School’s teaching program has been extended through Cook the Farm. She has since left the kitchen, leaving lessons to her talented and professionally trained staff, but is often found around the table or in the garden.


A good team is fundamental to working with joy and peace, and in the bustle of day-to-day life at Case Vecchie, a good group is the foundation of place. You’ll find a loyal staff of housekeepers, kitchen help and groundskeepers to keep the estate ship-shape. In addition, you will find a friendly international team leading our hospitality and educational programs.